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When a machine is being returned from Canada to the US, is there a way to avoid paying duties and taxes again?

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asked Aug 16, 2015 by anonymous

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Hi. Can you please provide more details. For example, where is the equipment manufactured and what type of machine is it? Do you have a US Broker? What area are you in? Who is taking care of the return? Reason for return (contract expired, damaged and if back for repair? 

We know we are asking a lot of questions, but this will help us provide you the correct information.

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answered Aug 16, 2015 by anonymous
The machine originated in China. We paid duties and taxes when it arrived in the US. We shipped it to a customer in Canada. They now want to return it and get a different machine. Can we treat this as a return. We are shipping them another machine that originated in China and will be paying duties and taxes on that machine as well. I don't know the broker as yet. It is a injection molding machine. We are in Ohio.
Hi, can you also please clarify how long was the machine in Canada?

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Since July of 2014.
We are researching your question with a couple customs brokers. We will have an update later today.


If you can can provide the 7501, the document that shows duties and taxes paid at the time of import into the U.S., you can get back your equipment duty free. We have some information for you, and can advise you which tariff code to use. Proof of payment back into the U.S. is key here. One last question, are you paying for the import back into the U.S.? You or the company returning the equipment? If you wish you to discuss more offline, please email us at info@vineglobal.com
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